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Electric Bike Repair

Like any other bikes, e-bikes require regular repairs and maintenance. Eze-Bikes Electric Bicycle Shop offers professional electric bike repair so you can keep using the same bike for many years. 


Our e-bike store provides servicing and repairs for a wide range of e-bike models. Our team has experience working with all the best-rated brands and most popular models. We’d love to help you fix your e-bike and get back on the trail again. 


We can replace tires, realign wheels, and replace chains. Our team can also repair the electrical components of your bike that you may not be familiar with. When your usual bike repair kit isn’t sufficient for your e-bike troubles, you can come to us. If your bike needs special care, we’ll order all the necessary bicycle parts. We have sources for many replacement parts. 


We fix bicycles promptly so you can return to using them as soon as possible. Our repair experts can handle any problem, and you can expect fair prices and top-notch customer service. Call today to make an appointment for repairs in Lake Orion, MI! You can also contact us to get a quote for any repairs.

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