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bike maintenance

Electric Bike Maintenance

Eze-Bikes Electric Bicycle Shop provides electric bike maintenance so you can keep using your bike for years to come! If you buy your bike from us, we’ll service it for as long as you own it. Our service guarantee sets us apart from other bike retailers and ensures that your purchase is well worth the money. 


If you use your electric bike regularly, we recommend yearly servicing to check the brakes, chain and sprocket, and of course, tires. If you use your bike heavily, you may need to service it every six months or so. 


Wheel alignment is one of the most essential forms of maintenance, and it can be tough to do without the right equipment and knowledge. At our bicycle shop, we’ll align your wheels and tackle all the other maintenance with professional equipment. 


We can also install new features, like bicycle lights. Bicycle accessories can improve your experience, and our shop experts can help you find solutions to common problems you face while riding. 


Bicycle maintenance is a great way to protect your investment and make sure your bike stays in good condition for many years. Contact us to learn more about the services at our store in  Lake Orion, MI.

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