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Electric Bicycles For Sale

Eze-Bikes Electric Bicycle Shop is the best place to browse electric bicycles for sale.


Mitigate the Risk.

We love to shop online. However, shopping for an electric bike online doesn’t measure up to the experience of shopping in person. You can read about features and reviews online, but you can’t know which bike will fit you best. 

But most importantly, do you know that some companies create fake clients and fake 5-star reviews to enhance their reputation? A phoney review of an e-bike can lead to a lousy e-bike purchase, which is disappointing. “A phoney review online is worse than old-fashioned false advertising,” said The New York Attorney General. “When you look at a billboard, you can tell it’s paid advertisement - but online reviews you assume you’re reading authentic consumer opinions, making online purchase review practice even more deceiving.” 


Fake reviews are omnipresent online. Who could be trusted? Nevertheless, you can trust yourself and formulate your independent opinion of the product by visiting our store. Our store allows you to test drive various models before you make your decision. Schedule your 30 min consultation now! Click on                              now!

Ongoing Service.  

When you buy an electric bike from us, we will service your e-bike for as long as you own it.   We receive daily inquiries from e-bike owners who purchased them online, asking if we can repair their e-bikes.  Unfortunately for online buyers, we cannot help them, which is just one of many risks that online buyers take. 

What is the Best E-Bike?  Which Brand of E-Bike is the Best?
So often, we are asked, “What is the best e-bike?”. We answer: ” The best e-bike is the bike that fits you the best and satisfies your needs and wants.”  The only way to know the best e-bike is to test-ride several of them. The mere claims of best e-bikes and 5-star ratings online do not translate into it being the best e-bike for you. Each e-bike feels different, and we strongly recommend riding a few to find the best e-bike for you before committing to a purchase. 

What Type of Electric Bikes Do You Carry!

Our selection of e-bikes includes the best on the market, made by companies that have spent a decade or longer establishing themselves as reliable and high-quality e-bike brand. We offer e-bikes from US, Canadian, European, and Asian companies. Some are best suited for cruising, others for mountain biking. We even have some that are specialized for hunting! We will direct you to the best e-bike for your unique needs. We’ll explain all the special features and their benefits. 


We carry fat tire e-bikes, step-through e-bikes, folding e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, tricycle e-bikes, urban e-bikes, comfort e-bikes, cruiser e-bikes, e-bikes for hunting, cargo e-bikes, moped frame e-bikes, pedal forward e-bikes, semi-recumbent e-bikes, soft tail e-bikes and more. ​Every bike model we sell has a throttle that allows you to maintain a speed of up to 20 miles per hour without having to pedal continuously. These bikes are perfect for coasting and exploring long distances. 



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